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OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z


OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z


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Bluetooth v5.0

This pair of earphones comes with Bluetooth v5.0, so it’s compatible with almost any smartphone!

The Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition will enhance the way you listen to music, with its convenient features such as the Magnetic Control. This pair of earphones supports Bluetooth (v5.0). Oh, and it offers a playback time of up to 17 hours when it is fully charged.

1. Sound Quality:

The drivers definitely produce a very balanced sound that is surely going to satisfy most of the people including me. Whether it’s about mid frequencies, vocals or the high-frequency trebles, or even the lower frequencies, this neckband deals all of those with superior performance. Undoubtedly.

2. Bass:

Bass is good. But not thumping which you’ll get from Realme’s 13.6mm drivers (Buds Wireless Pro) or even 11.2mm (Buds Wireless). Those do have better bass but this 9.2 mm re-engineered bass boosted drivers of Z Bass edition do produce lower frequencies pretty decently. You get my point. It will not shake the inside of your ears. But you know what, whatever it produces you’re surely going to love it. Of course, most people won’t sacrifice such a decently balanced sound for the only bass. Again it’s a personal preference. If you’re one of them who listens MOSTLY BASS AND HARDLY ANYTHING ELSE, then go for Realme.

3. Battery backup:

Oh, my word! Jaw-dropping backup which I haven’t imagined even in my dreams. You’re easily going to get 15-17 hours of total playtime at 70-80% volume. Oneplus has done an excellent job in this field.

4. Charging time:
I charged the neckband from 0% to 80% in 10 minutes from a power bank which I used for testing. And it took 57 minutes to charge from 0 to 100%. The power bank doesn’t support fast charging and you won’t ever need a fast-charging supporting charger for this neckband. For those tech-savvy people out there, the red cable that OnePlus has provided supports a maximum of 1 Amp current I suppose. I tried charging my Poco X2 with that cable and measured the current with the Ampere app. The highest measurement was 850 mA. You can have an idea that 1 Amp might be the limit. So you won’t need a fast charger for that statement to be true “10 minutes of warp charge for 10 hours playtime”. I am actually overwhelmed with this feature.

5. Call quality:
It’s decent. There’s NO noise cancellation for sure. If you’re among heavy traffic, another person will hear both you and the traffic. In quiet environments, it works fine. Voice clarity is really exceptional. But even one car horn or one dog-bark from the road beside your home can ruin the statement “environmental noise cancellation”. For office usages with fans and ACs around you, it will work flawlessly. For even better mic quality and pretty decent noise cancellation, you can go with Oppo Enco m31.

6. Build quality:
It gave me the impression that you can wear it at night while listening to music and sleep. A bit bulky cabinet might be a problem for you if your pillow is like a stone. Otherwise, it’s fine. The wire is also textured and feels like it can handle folds and stretches. The body is polycarbonate but good quality material nonetheless. Yeah one plus also did a good job keeping the build quality decent enough.

7. Buttons and features:
Umm. The quick switch didn’t work for me to be honest. When I paired it with two devices, pressing the middle button for 5 seconds do disconnect it from the current device and you need to press the “one plus bullets wireless z” in the other device to make a connection. It’s okay in a way but I expected pressing for 5 seconds would instantly connect with the previous device. Other functions are totally okay. Volume up-down, changing songs, voice assistant, magnetic on-off works like a charm.

8. IP Rating:
This might not be a big deal for most. But one plus has this IP55 certification. Rated 5 for dust proofing ability and 5 for water resistance, and hence 55. Whereas enco m31 had IPX5, which says there’s no certification for dust resistivity. These might be “theoretical” but at the end of the day these do make a difference when comes to longevity.

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